TRANSCENTA HOLDING - A global Fully Integrated Biotherapeutics Company

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TRANSCENTA HOLDING - A global Fully Integrated Biotherapeutics Company


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02 May, 2021
BioPharm International:Moving Closer to End-to-End Continuous Bioprocessing

As downstream bioprocessing improvements continue, efforts are underway to integrate downstream processes into continuous operations.

11 Nov, 2020
Merck Announces Collaboration with Transcenta for Continuous Manufacturing for Protein Therapeutics

Merck announced on Nov. 7, 2020 that it is entering into a collaboration with Transcenta, a biotherapeutics company, to initiate continuous manufacturing for protein therapeutics.

08 Jun, 2020
Transcenta to begin HK IPO preparations end-2020; in USD 100m crossover funding talks

Transcenta, a privately-owned, US-China-based integrated biopharmaceutical company, is in the process of marching ahead with an initial public offering (IPO) after receiving a USD 100m Series B+ funding this January, according to company Chief Executive Ofcer Dr. Xueming Qian and Executive Chairman Dr. Jonathan Zhao. The two co-founders said that the company is in crossover funding talks with potential investors, and aims to kick off the Hong Kong IPO at the end of this year.

13 Jan, 2020
Temasek-backed Transcenta mulls HK-China dual IPO listing

After announcing a $100 million Series B+ funding, the biotech company’s CEO tells FinanceAsia it is now in full IPO preparation mode with Hong Kong as its preferred destination. However, a dual listing is not out of the question.

09 Jan, 2020
Jan. 8 Financial Quick Takes:

Intra-Cellular raises $295M; plus venture rounds for nference, Eyevensys, Transcenta, Airway, Progentec

06 Aug, 2019
Xueming Qian outlines the new company’s origins, the space it seeks to fill within the highly competitive Chinese oncology market, and where Chinese biotech stands globally in 2019

“I did not want to work on an antibody similar to the dozens already in clinical trials, I wanted to find a differentiator!”