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Disease area biologist

Department :  Research
Working place :  Suzhou
Recruitment :  1
Nature of work :  Full-time
Working years of :  10
Minimum academic :  PhD.
Release time :  08 Jul, 2021
Job Responsibilities
  • 1. Grasp new drug research and development trends in orthopedics or nephropathy field domestics and overseas, provide technical support for orthopedics or nephropathy research and development based on the company's research and development strategy, and define new drug research and development directions for orthopedics or nephropathy;

  • 2. Can lead the team independently to complete the formulation of orthopedics or nephropathy animal experiment related technology development plan and project according to the company's requirements, and complete the project according to the technical development plan;

  • 3. Responsible for the development of orthopedic or nephropathy related projects, guiding the experimental design of orthopedic or nephropathy projects, and coordinate the projects of reasonable resource allocation;

  • 4. Responsible for the rationality review of the description of experimental data results to ensure the accuracy of the description of experimental results;

  • 5. Responsible for project initiation, organization and implementation, plan and program formulation and process supervision; combined with internal research and development and external cooperation to promoted the development process of new drug projects;

  • 6. Staged project summary and evaluation, work report, and organize new drug patent writing and new drug registration application materials;

  • 7. Promote the clinical development of oncology immunology research and development programs by working closely with medical, registry, PM&AM teams.

Job Requirements
  • 1. Doctor degree or above, major in orthopedics or nephropathy, medicine, biology or other related majors, overseas educational and working background is preferred

  • 2. At least one article (one work) has been published in high level English journals in orthopedics or nephropathy;

  • 3. At least 10 years working experience in biological macromolecule drug development, and at least 5 years working experience in team management;

  • 4. Familiar with orthopedic or nephrotic animal experimental technology, candidates with laboratory experience is preferred;

  • 5. Preside over the R&D management of at least 2 orthopedics or nephropathy projects, familiar with the R&D process, preclinical research, process research and quality standard research of orthopedics or nephropathy projects, and have good project management ability, organization and coordination ability

  • 6. Familiar with international orthopedics or nephropathy research and development frontier technology, able to grasp the industry development trends and trends, familiar with relevant policies and trends in the field.

  • 7. Good communication, management and coordination capability. Has a rigorous working attitude, efficient coordination, leadership and innovation skills;