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TRANSCENTA HOLDING - A global Fully Integrated Biotherapeutics Company


Scientist, Antibody Characterization Analysis

Department :  PD
Working place :  Hangzhou
Recruitment :  1
Nature of work :  Full-time
Working years of :  1 to 4 years
Minimum academic :  Bachelor's degree
Release time :  16 Oct, 2020
  • Be responsible for routine sample characterization testing, routine maintenance of characterization instruments, and compliance with laboratory 6S regulations and GDP specifications;

  • Be responsible for the analysis of characterization methods for some projects under the guidance of senior researchers (or above) and project leaders;

  • Be responsible for the reliability of the documents, original records and data of the work undertaken;

  • Analytical methods include but are not limited to HPLC,UPLC, LC-MS, ZipChip,CE-MS,etc.;

  • Other work delivered by the supervisor etc.Or other responsibilities may be added at the company’s discretion.

  • Be responsible to use LC-MS for protein physicochemical characterization study (such as intact/subunit mass analysis, peptide mapping analysis, disulfide bonds analysis, N-glycans analysis, etc)

  • Identify the corporate culture of the company and be enterprising and responsible for the job;

  • Undergraduate 1 ~ 4 years or master's degree, 0 ~ 2 years of work experience;

  • Have a background in pharmacy, chemistry, bioengineering or biotechnology and other related professional education, and have experience in antibody and biological macromolecule analysis and research or experience in mass spectrometry use is preferred;

  • Have a certain ability to analyze and solve problems. Analytical methods include, but are not limited to, various types of high-pressure liquid phase analysis, capillary electrophoresis analysis, amino acid sequence and modified mass spectrometry analysis of protein macromolecules, advanced protein structure analysis, glycosylation analysis, etc.;

  • Have a certain understanding of the physical and chemical characteristics of proteins and antibodies, and be familiar with the use of HPLC/UPLC. Experience in mass spectrometry is preferred;

  • Understand the guidelines for the development and validation of analytical methods related to Chinese Pharmacopoeia or USP and ICH, and have the experience in the development and validation of analytical methods is preferred;

  • Be rigorous, diligent, studious, hard-working, team spirit, have a certain ability to work under pressure;

  • Have a certain ability of English Reading.