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Specialist, QC Lab Operation

Department :  TechOps
Working place :  Hangzhou
Recruitment :  1
Nature of work :  Full-time
Working years of :  1 to 4 years
Minimum academic :  Bachelor's degree and above
Release time :  16 Oct, 2020
  • Be responsible for the daily supporting work of the laboratory, act as the laboratory LIMS administrator, be responsible for the verification work when the LIMS system is updating, draft and maintain the LIMS-related procedures, maintain the LIMS master data, train new LIMS users and user rights management, and investigate and change LIMS-related deviations;

  • Support LIMS-related audit activities as a LIMS administrator;

  • Support or be responsible for the management of laboratory samples and records, reagent management and other supporting work, and ensuring the normal progress of laboratory-related controlled processes;

  • Support or coordinate the laboratory EHS management;

  • Other relevant work arranged by leaders.

  • Identify the corporate culture of the company and be enterprising and responsible for the job;

  • Major in pharmaceutical engineering, drug analysis or biotechnology and other related specialties;

  • Have LIMS management or use experience or at least one year of laboratory work experience. And QC work experience in the biomedical industry is preferred;

  • Understand requirements of cGMP/GLP and ICH requirements;

  • Good learning ability and patience;

  • Excellent English reading and writing ability, and excellent English speaking is preferred;

  • Have the team spirit, and have relevant project experience is preferred;