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Lead Scientist, Antibody Purification

Department :  PD
Working place :  Hangzhou
Recruitment :  1
Nature of work :  Full-time
Working years of :  More than five years
Minimum academic :  Master's degree and above
Release time :  16 Oct, 2020
  • Under the guidance of the Technical Director, be responsible for implementing the R & D plan for the purification process of specific projects and have a deep understanding of the technical background information and technical characteristics of the projects;

  • Leading and presiding over the R & D process of specific projects, analyzing and solving problems;

  • Leading and managing a project team to formulate and implement an experimental plan;

  • Be responsible for completing the development of the whole purification process and process quality requirements that meet the national quality and approval standards for biomedical clinical and commercial production;

  • be responsible for the integrity and quality of project documents and data, and be responsible for the common technical document for the registration of the process;

  • Create new and efficient protein purification process technologies and innovate technologies continuously.

  • Identifying the corporate culture of the company and be enterprising and responsible for the job;

  • Master degree (or above) with a background in biochemistry, molecular biology, chemistry, bioengineering, pharmacy or biochemistry engineering;

  • The master's degree with more than seven years of experience; The doctoral candidate's thesis must involve the isolation and purification of proteins and antibodies, and has more than five years of work experience;

  • Has the ability to analyze and solve problems, has in-depth knowledge of the chemical characteristics of proteins and antibodies, and has specific operation experience in various technologies and instruments and equipment for large-scale purification;

  • Has have been involved in the development project of biomedicine with clinical approval;

  • Good English with reading and translation, fluent listening and speaking;

  • Be rigorous, diligent, studious, team spirit, be good at communication.